Root Canal Treatment

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When a tooth becomes infected, it’s absolutely necessary to remove the source of infection. Infection normally starts from deep decay on a tooth but it can also start other ways such as an injury or blow to the tooth or a chip or crack. Root canal treatment removes the infected area and allows the tooth to repair and heal.

Our dentists can perform scheduled and emergency root canals at any of our four offices in Omaha, Nebraska. Give us a call at Hillsborough: 402-445-4647, Village Pointe: 402-505-7474, Ralston Square: 402-733-4441, or Dundee: 402-502-5593 for friendly and compassionate assistance.

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Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Dr. Pendley and staff member performing root canal treatment | The Dentists at Village PointeAt The Dentists, we understand that some patients have anxiety about root canal treatment, but we want to assure you that it will be comfortable for you. Treatment, in fact, is your most comfortable option because an infected tooth will never heal. The unpleasant consequences of infection only get worse and more painful with time.

Root canal treatment, meanwhile, prevents the need to extract infected teeth. Extracted teeth require replacement with a bridge, implant or a removable appliance to help with chewing and to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting. So, the root canal procedure not only saves your natural teeth but can be more cost-effective in the long run.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal, or endodontic, treatment generally takes two appointments and some follow-up appointments.

During the first appointment, we thoroughly numb your mouth and place a rubber dam around the infected tooth to isolate and help keep it dry. To get to the infected area, we make an opening through the top of the tooth down into the pulp chamber. We use tiny instruments called dental files to carefully remove the infected tissue and bacteria. These files also shape the root canals to receive a filling material. Then, we place medication in the root canals to kill any remaining bacteria that caused the infection and place a temporary filling or crown to protect the tooth.

Root Canal Infographic | Omaha, NE

During the second appointment, we remove the temporary filling or crown and clean out the remaining infected tissue. We may need to take X-rays to be sure all the infected pulp is removed. We then fill the root canals with a sealer paste and a filling material to complete the project.

At follow-up appointments, we restore your tooth to full function using any number of techniques including the following:

A permanent restoration is needed to protect and strengthen the tooth.  When the time comes, we’ll work together to decide which restorative procedure best suits your needs.

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