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Straight teeth are important not only to your self-esteem, but also to the comfort and function of your bite. Orthodontics are an important part of dentistry for kids and adults. An experienced orthodontist knows when a child can benefit from certain orthodontic interventions in order to promote an aligned, stable bite position.

Although braces are commonly associated with adolescence, many orthodontic patients are adults. There is no upper age limit for candidacy. If you are unhappy with the alignment of your teeth or bite at any age, braces or invisible aligners can be a great option.

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The Importance of Orthodontia

Orthodontic treatment has many benefits for good candidates:

  • An aligned bite is free of discomfort caused by joint strain
  • Aligned teeth are less likely to wear down
  • An aligned bite maximizes your ability to chew and to speak
  • Straight teeth improve your confidence and self-esteem

As you can see, the benefits of orthodontic treatment are not only cosmetic, but functional as well. And the cosmetic advantages shouldn’t be downplayed either.

Untreated crooked teeth

Feeling good about your smile is so important. It can improve your confidence, which can enhance your interpersonal relationships and your interactions in the workplace. Sharing your smile freely because you aren’t embarrassed by it may improve your warmth, friendliness and expressiveness when you communicate with others.

Orthodontics at The Dentists

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At The Dentists, we do not provide orthodontic treatment ourselves. We devote our work to providing outstanding cosmeticgeneral, pediatric and preventive dental care. But many of our patients ask us about orthodontics. We provide referrals to an experienced, skilled orthodontist in the area whom we trust to provide outstanding results for our patients.

This orthodontist sees patients in our office several times a week. If you are interested in these types of treatments, we can arrange a complimentary consultation between you and the orthodontic specialist.

From the information gathered in this consultation, the orthodontist can describe all of the treatment options available that will achieve your goals. For adults and teens alike, today’s wide range of orthodontic options offer exciting opportunities:

  • Traditional metal braces utilizing metal brackets and metal wires
  • Ceramic braces, utilizing clear brackets and a metal wire
  • Clear plastic aligners, which are fully removable for comfortable eating and dental hygiene

Orthodontics correct a wide range of issues. It straightens crooked teeth and crowded teeth. It closes gaps between teeth. It aligns the bite so that the upper and lower rows of teeth come together in an ideal position. Rotated and twisted teeth are straightened. And overall it improves the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

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After examining your teeth and discussing your wishes with you, our experienced dentists can determine whether an orthodontic consultation is necessary or if another dental treatment can achieve the results you want to see.