3 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

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Posted: February 12, 2021
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Root canal patient in Hillsborough Root canal therapy is performed to remove the soft inner part of a tooth that has become inflamed or infected. It’s a safe, comfortable procedure that saves your natural tooth and relieves pain. Below, we dispel three common myths about root canals that may be holding you back from getting treatment.

Myth #1: Root Canal Treatment Can Cause Serious Illnesses

You may have heard that getting a root canal can increase your chance of becoming ill or contracting a serious disease. That simply is not true. No valid link has ever been found between root canals and medical issues elsewhere in the body.

What’s more, the idea that getting a root canal can make you sick had been disproven by decades of peer-reviewed scientific evidence. And roughly 25 million safe and effective endodontic treatments, including root canals, are performed each year.

Myth #2: Root Canals are Painful

You’ve probably heard someone say, “It was worse than a root canal.” It's a popular expression people use to describe an unpleasant experience. The problem is that it’s completely misleading!

Root canals are not painful. In fact, treating an infected tooth with endodontic therapy is your most comfortable option. It relieves unpleasant symptoms such as sensitivity and tender gums. Thanks to modern technology, anesthetics, and even sedation, you can put your fears about root canal pain to rest.

Myth #3: It’s Better to Extract an Infected Tooth

A root canal is usually the best option for patients with an infected tooth. It allows you to maintain the function and appearance of your natural smile. That’s why it’s important to consider endodontic treatment before extractions.

Many teeth treated with endodontic therapy can last a lifetime. Meanwhile, extracted teeth must be replaced with an implant or bridge to help with chewing and prevent other dental issues.

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