The Advantages of Working With a Family-friendly Dental Provider

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Posted: May 15, 2023
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Smiling family in white t-shirts hugging isolated on whiteAt Hillsborough Family Dentistry of Omaha, NE, we encourage patients to consider the benefits of using a family-friendly dental team for their entire household's oral health needs.

Below are just some of the primary benefits of seeking treatment with our experienced dental team:

  • We offer convenient appointment scheduling to accommodate your family's busy schedules.
  • Our entire staff is friendly and understanding, making each dental visit more comfortable for everyone involved.
  • We value preventive care and can help you and your family establish healthier oral hygiene habits.
  • Our dentists are experienced in treating children of all ages and know how to make them feel at ease during their appointments.
  • We offer comprehensive treatment plans that address your unique and individual needs.
  • We provide personalized services tailored to fit your budget and the desired outcome.
  • Our practice offers a wide range of treatments, from preventative care, emergency dental care to cosmetic procedures, so your whole family can receive the best in dental care and treatment with our team.

Why should I choose Hillsborough Family Dentistry of Omaha, NE?

Our practice has been chosen for many years as the Best of Omaha for family dental providers and continues to uphold the high standards we have maintained over time. We invite patients to any of our four office locations in the communities of Hillsborough, Village Pointe, Ralston Square, and Dundee if they are seeking family-friendly dental care for themselves and their relatives.

How old does my child have to be to receive care at Hillsborough Family Dentistry?

Our team of professionals will often recommend that patients bring their child in when their very first teeth erupt through the gumline, typically within the first six to 12 months. Once the first appointment has been completed, our team will schedule your child for their next appointment six months later. These regular appointments for cleanings and examinations can set the proper foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Talk to our team today about your oral health needs as a family!

Call one of our four office locations to schedule an initial evaluation and consultation visit with our dental team. We can assist patients of all ages with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

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