Let's Celebrate Children's Dental Health Month! 5 Fun Activities for Families

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Posted: February 15, 2024
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 family dentistBrushing your teeth is an important part of maintaining good oral health, but let’s face it: most kids don’t find it very fun. Parents have to get creative to encourage their little ones to give those pearly whites the attention they deserve. So, how do you make brushing fun? Here are five tips from Nebraska's favorite family dentists.

1. Make a Game of It

Everything becomes more fun when it’s a game, especially if prizes are involved. Set up a timer in the bathroom, and set it for two minutes. When your child brushes until the buzzer goes off, they get a star on their brush chart. Earning enough stars can win them a prize! This could be something dental-themed, like a new book or toothbrush, or something else they love, like a new LEGO set or plushie. 

2. Get Crafty

Start with a craft project. It might be cutting teeth out of an egg carton or sculpting them using air-drying clay. On Halloween, carve the pumpkin with a toothy smile.

Once you have something for them to practice on, hand them a toothbrush and some water.

There are also some great kids’ toy dentist kits you can find online that make it fun for little ones to understand oral hygiene and practice on their toys — these kits even include a model mouth! 

3. Get Scientific

You can teach kids to make their own toothpaste! This is a fun science experiment that’s best for little ones who are already good at spitting out their toothpaste rather than swallowing it. To do it, mix 2/3 cup baking soda with filtered water. Mix until a paste forms, then try it out!

Kids may not love the taste of this DIY toothpaste, but they will love making it! Be sure to include some science facts, like “Did you know baking soda is a good scrubber that gets all the bad germs off our teeth? That’s what your own toothpaste does, but with special ingredients to make it extra-clean.” 

4. Read Books

Kids love it when you read them books, so why not add a few about good dental care to your library? Choose ones with characters they'll love, like the Berenstain Bears or Sugarbug Doug.

5. Watch Fabulous Videos

You can use character-rich videos to help them learn, too. Top dental brands like Colgate offer many on their website. You can also search for fun kids' dental videos on YouTube. Just be sure to watch them through their entirety first and make sure they are appropriate for your child. 

Talk to a Family Dentist at The Dentists of Omaha

You can get more great teaching ideas from a family dentist. The dental specialists at The Dentists of Omaha are trained to work with children and can help make them comfortable during their visits.

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