How Old Should My Child Be for Their First Dental Visit?

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Posted: September 30, 2023
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Family dentistryYour child has a lot of firsts ahead of them. One crucial first is their first dental visit. But you may be wondering when that should be. What can you do to make that visit pleasant? What does the dentist even look for if all your child has is one tooth? 

A family dentist, a dentist that can see patients from children to seniors, is ready for your child’s first dental visit. Keep reading to learn about family dentistry and what to expect then.

What Happens at Your Child’s First Visit

This visit is recommended within their first year or within six months of their first tooth coming in. The visit is relatively short, lasting approximately half an hour, while your dentist examines teeth that have come in and may also provide dental cleaning. 

During the first visit, your dentist may occasionally recommend a dental x-ray to examine if the baby teeth are affecting any adult teeth or if dental decay is present. 

Though it may seem unnecessary, especially if your child’s teeth look fine to you, this dental visit can be an important one. 

One study found that those who saw a dentist within their first year had 40% lower dental costs over the next five years than those who did not have their visit by the age of one. 

Not only can the dentist provide preventative care that can save you and your family money, but visiting the dentist early can provide familiarity and comfort that allows for a lifetime of practice to develop.

Let Your Family Dentist Be With The Dentists of Omaha

A trip to the dentist is something everyone should do to maintain oral health. To ensure proper care of your child’s teeth and mouth, you need a dentist that is capable and one you and your child look forward to visiting. 

The Dentists of Omaha offer comprehensive dental care and proudly serve the cities of Hillsborough, Village Pointe, Ralston Square, and Dundee. Their team has had “Best Of Omaha” award-winning dentists. 

To have your family receive the best in dentistry, give any one of four convenient locations in Nebraska a call to schedule an appointment:

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