Is Facial Swelling a Dental Emergency?

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Posted: March 30, 2022
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Facial swelling can happen due to things such as injuries, new medications, or food allergies. It can even occur because of a high-salt diet or too much alcohol. However, facial swelling is also a common reaction to a serious bacterial infection. It goes hand in hand with the dental emergency known as a tooth abscess. Keep reading to learn when to visit our dentists for help.

Tooth Abscess Symptoms

Tooth abscess facts infographicFacial swelling is one of the symptoms of a tooth abscess. This pocket of pus is caused by a bacterial infection. It can happen due to an injury, untreated cavity, or previous dental work.

Symptoms of an abscessed tooth include:

  • Swelling in your face or cheek
  • Severe, throbbing, and constant toothache 
  • Sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • Fever
  • Swollen and/or sore lymph nodes 
  • Difficulty swallowing (can also indicate a severe allergic reaction)
  • Foul-tasting discharge in your mouth followed by a decrease in pain

That last symptom can indicate the abscess has ruptured. But you aren’t in the clear if that happens. The infection can still spread. It can even turn into a potentially life-threatening complication. It’s important to receive prompt dental care in order to treat the infection.

Reasons to Call a Dentist for Facial Swelling

Dentists are often the most well-equipped to handle complaints related to facial swelling. It’s crucial to schedule a visit right away if you notice any signs or symptoms of a tooth abscess. Unfortunately, an abscessed tooth will not improve without seeking professional treatment. 

There are also other dental problems that can cause swelling of the jaw or face. These problems include unaddressed tooth grinding (also known as bruxism) and jaw tension.

Get Emergency Dental Care Across Omaha

Sometimes it isn’t clear whether you need emergency care. Fortunately, you can always talk to our staff to find out what you should do. Our dentists can often see you the same day you call. 

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