Fun and Easy Dental Tips for the Holidays

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Posted: December 13, 2021
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The winter holidays are often busy with travel and gatherings. However, that doesn’t mean your oral health has to take a back seat until the new year! Our dentists have rounded up some great tips that will keep your family’s smiles merry and bright no matter what this season has in store.

Select Smile-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Candy is a common stocking stuffer for kids and adults alike. Many different traditional sweets are likely to make an appearance, including candy canes, ribbon candy, toffee, and nut brittle.

Try swapping out some of those classic picks for options that are more smile-friendly. Chocolate is a smart choice because it washes off the teeth easily. You can also look for sugar-free candy.

While you’re at it, include some fun dental hygiene essentials in your children’s stockings. Yummy flavored toothpaste and dental floss picks in fun shapes will likely be appreciated.

Brush Along to Your Favorite Holiday Songs 

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. But many adults and children actually fall quite short of reaching that important mark. 

The solution? Brush your teeth to a song that is at least two minutes long. Playing holiday tunes and carols is an easy way to bring some cheer to your dental hygiene routine this time of year.

Open Gifts with Tools not Teeth

Getting a present out of its packaging is no easy task. Especially when it’s secured under gift wrap, bows, ribbons, twine, and tape. It can be tempting to use your teeth to get through it all.

However, opening packages that way can cause you to crack a tooth or injure your jaw. Instead, be sure to have a pair of scissors on hand when it’s time to unwrap your holiday presents.

Schedule Your Next Dental Checkup 

Many people make resolutions to take care of their teeth. Beat the rush by getting your next dental appointment in the books before January! Call one of the following four office locations to schedule your visit: Hillsborough: 402-445-4647, Village Pointe: 402-505-7474, Ralston Square: 402-733-4441, or Dundee: 402-502-5593. We look forward to helping you care for your smile!