Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

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Posted: December 17, 2019

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Certain insurance policies may cover dental implant surgery, whether it's a dental policy or medical policy. You should review your policy and see if there is any wording referring to different tiers of dental work, and whether implants are included in one of those tiers. Most likely, if your policy provides any coverage, it will pay for a certain percentage and you will be responsible for the rest.  

Review Your Policy and Obtain a Pre-Estimate

We are contracted with several insurance networks. Please give us a call to see if your insurer is included. Even if we accept your insurance, know that's not a guarantee of implant dentistry coverage. Coverage depends on:

  • Your particular policy
  • The annual limit of your policy
  • The specific provider and plan, and whether we accept them

Ask us how you can request a pre-treatment estimate from your insurance company. The estimate will give you a good idea of how much you may need to pay personally for dental implant surgery.

Cost vs. Benefits of Dental Implants

Implant dentistry tends to have a higher upfront cost than most dental bridge and denture options; however, it's important to weigh the benefits of these tooth restorations against the cost. In terms of appearance, function, durability and quality, dental implants offer a considerable return on investment:

  • Long-lasting tooth replacement, potentially for your entire life
  • Embedded in the bone for maximum stability
  • Prevent loss of bone where they are embedded (the presence of an implant in the bone prevents that tissue from shrinking away after tooth loss)
  • Durable and strong
  • Attractive option that looks just like natural teeth
  • Let you continue to brush and floss like normal (no special maintenance)
  • Do not affect or utilize any of the neighboring teeth
  • Do not present poor fit problems like some dentures because implants are fixed in the bone

With dental implants, you can eat all of your normal foods without worry about unstable teeth replacements. Dental implants stand up to daily wear and tear successfully, so they should continue to work well for you in the decades ahead.

Financing Implant Dentistry

A middle aged woman with cropped hair and glasses smiling and crossing her armsThere are other payment options available at our practice. Insurance policies only cover certain services they have negotiated with the employer who is providing the insurance. We believe you deserve the dental care you need the most and that fits your goals, and sometimes those treatments don't align with insurance coverage.

In addition to accepting Visa, MasterCard, cash or check at the time of service, we accept CareCredit financing. CareCredit provides several plans with varying interest rates and repayment terms. You can easily complete an application online at their website, but schedule a consultation with us first so we can help you decide if you want to apply for financing or if your insurance will provide any coverage.

Get More Information Today

Implant dentistry is a great way to restore full dental function and an attractive smile. Please arrange a consultation with one of our experienced, caring dentists to find out if you are a good candidate. To arrange your appointment, please call one of our four Omaha locations, in Hillsborough: 402-445-4647, Ralston: 402-733-4441, Village Pointe: 402-505-7474, or Dundee: 402-502-5593.

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